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The Burning Crusade is under your eyes! Have you well-prepared? Is your lance sharp enough? Is your shield solid enough? Is your armor strong enough? If you still have not prepared, join us and get whatever you want! Why you hesitate any more?
All Marks of Honors will belong to you during the Honor points farming!!

10,000 Honor points
$ 23
1-2 Day
20,000 Honor points
$ 40
2-3 Days
30,000 Honor points
$ 60
3-4 Days
50,000 Honor points
5-6 Days
80,000 Honor points
8-9 Days
100,000 Honor points
10-11 Days
150,000 Honor points


15-16 Days
200,000 Honor points
20-21 Days
250,000 Honor points
25-26 Days
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