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Features and attentions of our WoW Farming Gold Service
you don't have enough time to gather gold and don't want to buy gold use your cash, then is a good way for you! We will use your character to help you farm gold. Your character must be level 60, and you can't play during the farming process because only one player is allowed in one account at the same time, and we need to spend the whole time farming to not lengthen the gold farming process. During the gold farming process we will be in AFK/DND mode. We can gather about 150-300 gold per day. It depends on your class, current equipment and the realm your on. We provide 2 options of this service; you can choose amount-order or day-order.

Obtain an instant quote for your gold farming needs! Simply fill out the following with your character information and you will receive an im

   $60/1000G - Hunter and Rogue (About 3 days)  
   $80/1000G - Mage,Priest,Warlock and Warrior (About 4 days)  

   $100/1000G - Paladin, Druid and Shaman (About 5 days)   

   mediate quote. You can then make a purchase and have your gold farming process started right away!

   Input Golds   
    Price($): Circa time: hours

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