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The Burning Crusade is coming,Trojans,are you ready to fight in Outland?
WORLD OF WARCRAFT THE BURNING CRUSADE IN STORES JANUARY 16, 2007. DGS has been paying attention to the development of TBC. So far We have possessed the latest material of the whole Closed Beta and we are confident that our own power leveling products will be perfect when TBC comes into market. Due to some possible differences between the closed beta server and the formal expansion, the products we launched are not final; we would like to meet every customer’s satisfaction as well as release new product with the developing of game and adjust the appropriate price and time. You may purchase these products from Jan.13, and the power leveling service will also be available for you when expansion come out. Each product at our website is suit for any version, any race, and welcome to buy.
Before purchase The Burning Crusade power levleing, please ensure that you have gain the account which has accessed The Burning Crusade’KEY, otherwise,leveler will be unable to start your leveling.

your char need 70 Level.           
Level 300 riding skill.
epic flying mount.

Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll and Undead
1. First aid to 375 2. All flight paths uncovered
3. Level 225 riding skill and flying mount(+ 60% speed)
4. Any two related professions to 375 as follows:
Level 300 riding skill and flying mount(+280% speed)(pay $180 additional)

WoW power leveling TBC-FROM 60 to 65
WoW power leveling TBC-FROM 65 to 70

1. First Aid to 375
2. All flight paths uncovered
3. All class quests
4. Try to level your original professions to 375
Level 300 riding skill and flying mount(+280% speed)(pay $230 additional)

WoW power leveling TBC-Jewelcrafting skill 1 to 300. $80 2 days

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