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At the Darkmoon Faire, players can also receive free buffs by talking to a fortune telling gnoll named Sayge. When players talk to Sayge, he asks the player a few questions and gives the player a buff depending on how the player answered the questions.

  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Strength : +10% Strength
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Agility : +10% Agility
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Stamina : +10% Stamina
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Intelligence : +10% Intelligence
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Spirit : +10% Spirit
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Armor : +10% Armor
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Damage : +1-10% Damage
  • Sayge's Dark Fortune of Resistance : +25 to All Resistances
  • Choices I have long known you'd seek me out, adventurer.

    Every sentient being in this world is driven by the choices they make. Choices begat further choices, and these in turn make someone who they are. This is where your fortune is drawn from - who you are, and the choices you make.

    Are you ready to discover where your fortune lies, adventurer?




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