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The Stormpikes have set up residence in the valley to search for natural resources and ancient relics. Despite their intentions, the Dwarven presence has sparked heated conflict with the Frostwolf Orcs to the south, who have vowed to drive the interlopers from their lands. Read more about Alterac Valley here . Reputation Rewards
As you fight for your faction in Alterac Valley, you increase your reputation with the Horde or Alliance NPCs in the Battleground. As you do so, you will unlock special rewards available only to the most reputable of players. There are two special vendor NPCs, one for Horde and one for Alliance, standing outside of their respective entrance to Alterac Valley. These two NPCs sell special rewards. When you raise your reputation level with them to a new category, you unlock a new set of rewards. For example, once you reach friendly reputation, a page of secret items is revealed to you. When you reach the next category of reputation, another page opens for you.

Remember that these rewards are in addition to the general PVP Honor Rewards you earn by improving your rank as you participate in Battlegrounds.

Stormpike Rewards
Frostwolf Rewards
Superior Healing Draught5 Superior Mana Draught5
Stormpike Battle Tabard1 Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage80
Bottled Alterac Spring Water50

Major Healing Draught9 Major Mana Draught9
Stormpike Soldier's Cloak6 79 50 Stormpike Sage's Cloak6 84 40
Stormpike Soldier's Pendant6 44 83 Stormpike Sage's Pendant6 44 83
Stormpike Plate Girdle4 26 99 Stormpike Mail Girdle6 40 48
Stormpike Leather Girdle5 33 74 Stormpike Cloth Girdle4 26 99
Alterac Manna Biscuit63 Ice Threaded Arrow54
Ice Threaded Bullet54

Stormpike Battle Standard4 50 Electrified Dagger28 48 53
Crackling Staff35 86 72 Stormstrike Hammer28 90 23
Gnoll Skin Bandolier31 50 Harpy Hide Quiver31 50

Stormpike Battle Charger720 Lei of the Lifegiver45
Therazane's Touch45 Tome of Arcane Domination45
Tome of Fiery Arcana45 Tome of Shadow Force45
Tome of the Ice Lord45 The Unstoppable Force140 84 10
The Immovable Object71 57 67 Don Julio's Band68
The Lobotomizer113 9 56 Don Rodrigo's Band68




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